The First Week


I love this puppa.

Although the fiance and I had a lot of black lash, we’re doing great with Jean and she’s a happy, healthy little girl. (Who turns 6 weeks tomorrow!) Adam and I looked at those obstacles in the face, and with Jeanie in our hearts, we began our journey of dog parenthood. We’re persistent, clever little f*cks, and we knew we’d make it work. (It’s that INFJ/ENFJ loving shit, ya feel?)

I know it might sound crazy, but she makes me want to “get my life together”. I want to get a better job and finish school so I can begin my career. I want her to have a nice home with lots of toys and room to run around when she gets big. I find myself creating budgets, looking for higher paying jobs, learning more about finance, and researching my heart out about Labradors and ways to save money.

The only hiccups we’ve had are scolding for adopting a puppy and a worrisome few days about her poop (we changed her food like idiots).

Jeanie’s Day is:

  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!
  • Eat half a can of IAMS puppy food to grow big and strong
  • Drink ~ 2 bowls of water
  • Play and show off her ferocity

Jeanie’s best friends are her 3 aunties. She’s listens to acoustic guitar music with Auntie Teah, cuddles with Auntie Kristina, and plays “Ferocious Beast of the South” with Auntie Sarah. Her nicknames are Jeanie, Jeanie Beanie, Jeanie Weenie, Tiny Pah, and Puppa.