6 Sunburn Remedies 

Usually I don’t burn when I get sun (thank you genetics) but every once in a while (like yesterday when I spent like literally 5 hours at the pool) I’ll burn a bit. My baby sis’ on the other hand, BURNS like a redhead. These remedies are some things I have used on us recently or methods I have used in the past! Enjoy and let me know which ones worked for you in the comments!

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Things to Do This Spring Break for the Adventurous, Relaxed, and Ever-Learning!

Some of these ideas are totally cliche, some not. I separated them by the kind of break you want to have: chill, adventurous, or learning.

Chill Spring Break Ideas: 

  1. Have a Netflix marathon of a new show (I started watching “Love” on Netflix with my best friend)
  2. Stay up late with your best friend(s) and just talk
  3. Go summer clothes thrift shopping
  4. Tan
  5. Play video games (I like Star Wars Battlefront)
  6. Binge play the Jenner’s new game (Kendall and Kylie)
  7. Finish reading that book you’ve been ignoring
  8. Have a picnic with your siblings
  9. Host a card game night
  10. Roast marshmallows in your backyard
  11. Go to the farmer’s market
  12. Host a movie marathon
  13. Attend your university’s games or competitions
  14. Visit a nursing home and hang out with them
  15. Call your family members
  16. Mail letters to people
  17. Print coloring sheets or break out a coloring book
  18. Visit family members

Adventurous Spring Break Ideas: 

  1. Travel to your neighboring state or country
  2. Camp at a national park
  3. Have a beach day
  4. Tie-Die things (sheets, t-shirts, pillow cases, a tapestry) 
  5. Have a LUSH private party
  6. Go on a cruise
  7. Go on a whale watch
  8. Go someplace you’ve always wanted to go
  9. Go on a steamboat cruise
  10. Go to a concert (local music or a band you like)
  11. Have a campfire on the beach
  12. Visit a pick-your-own-produce farm
  13. Have a Galentine’s Day style dinner
  14. Go to a community play
  15. Visit your friend from your old neighborhood
  16. Visit friends from your old school
  17. Go to your University’s away games or competitions

Ways to Learn this Spring Break: 

  1. Start an online class
  2. Learn coding from Code Academy
  3. Visit local museums
  4. Visit local art galleries
  5. Visit your local library
  6. Take a free online class
  7. Brush up on your language skills
  8. Study for your finals
  9. Take a one-time dance lesson
  10. Brush up on your drawing skills via YouTube lessons
  11. Brush up on your instrument skills via YouTube lessons
  12. Read a book for pleasure
  13. Read a book for class
  14. Study for your midterms
  15. Read ahead for your classes

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