My “Mom Cardio” Workout (+Podcasts to Listen to While Working out) 

Since I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve been gaining some weight due to my fluctuating eating habits and lack of time to spend at the gym. 

So, I’ve come up with a simple as heck workout that gets me sweating and doesn’t bore me to death. My friend Amanda and I hit the gym when we have time and do our “Mom Cardio” workout. 

I love listening to Podcasts while I workout on the elliptical because it keeps me from getting bored. My favorite one to listen to right now is The Myths and Legends Podcast by Jason Wieser. Another one that I’ve listened to for hours at work is TED Radio Hour. I use the iTunes Podcasts app!  

What I do for my basic, non-boring workout is: 

  1. 20 minutes on the elliptical listening to Podcasts  
  2. Stretches (every stretch I know)

I work out with my best friend and we have a routine. We ignore each other on the elliptical while we listen to music/podcasts, and chat while we stretch. This is a really flexible workout- so make it your own! Also, make sure you bring water! You’ll sweat like crazy on the elliptical. 

I have to give Amanda credit for the term “Mom Cardio”. She’s so funny! 

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How to Keep Your Shoes Looking Fresh and Clean Forever!

  1. Buy leather balsam because it is an absolute God send! My Sperry’s look brand new because of this. Just rub it on scuffs, dirt, water stains, etc and they come right off! I got mine for $8 at Journey’s, and I was skeptical and probably wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t have a gift card, but I am so glad I bought it! It’s worth the investment and will save you money in the long run. 1_306793_ZM
  2. Keep the cardboard that maintains their shape in the box and put them in your shoes when you are not using them. This helps my Sperry’s keep shape. (Photo is not mine)img_7368
  3. Use soap, water, and a cloth for the rubber on Converse. All you have to do to clean the rubber on Converse is scrub it with soapy water. If that doesn’t work, you can you the leather balsam mentioned above. (Photo is not mine) 4ed751024d34f6736f86567bb2ae77a9
  4. Do not wear your good shoes out in the rain. This is obvious, but some people still do it. Have designated rain shoes or rain boots. I wear my most beat up pair of boots in the rain because I don’t care if they get ruined! (Photo is not mine) UGG2
  5. Keep them smelling good by putting tea bags, half a bar of soap, or a sneaker ball in them when they are not in use. (Photo is not mine) gallery_nrm_1425414532-teabags

What to do When You Can’t Possibly Take Anymore Stress 

  Warning: some profanity is used 

You know- when everybody and everything starts to piss you off. When all you want to do is lay down and sleep but your to-do list stares at you from across the room. 


When you feel overwhelmed, disgusting, stressed, and irritable beyond belief, here are some things you can actually do: 

  1. Seriously, if you need to cry just do it and get it over with. 
  2. Go to that one special person that you can talk to about anything and vent your heart out
  3. Temporarily deactivate your social media so you don’t have to deal with the nagging losers and group message drama.  
  4. Let people know that you’re stressed and need some time away, which means: don’t go to every social event, use your phone as little as possible, and don’t be drawn into drama. Just make sure you let people know (especially your parents and close friends) so it doesn’t cause something to make you more stressed out. 
  5. Watch those live-stream cat videos like Too Cute from Animal Planet
  6. Squeeze a long ass nap into your schedule because sleep deprivation is a very bad thing. 
  7. Read a book and immerse yourself in it so you temporarily forget about what’s stressing you out. 
  8. Cuddle something, really anything. Your boyfriend, friend, pillow, teddy bear, floor. 
  9. Do something artistic you enjoy such as painting, writing, drawing, making DIY crafts, etc. (I linked my Art board on Pinterest, which is filled with great painting and drawing inspiration). 
  10. If you play an instrument, make time for that. I play the piano! 
  11. Do something nice for somebody else because making someone happy should make you happy. If not, you’re a sadistic human being. 
  12. Work out because kicking ass on the elliptical is safer and more legal than kicking the actual human ass of your stressors. It lets off so much steam and nervous energy. (I reccomend water aerobics as well, especially if you’re not aggressive). 
  13. Scream and punch your ugly dorm bed if need be. 
  14. Listen to carefree music. 
  15. Take a long bath and mindlessly stare at bottles of soap and play with the bubbles. 
  16. Open your window, sit on your bed, close your eyes, and breath. 
  17. If you are allowed to, take time off of work to relax and do something enjoyable. 
  18. Climb a tree. It’s my go-to thing to do when I’m stressed. 
  19. Write about it. 
  20. If you’re like me, organizing will make you feel better because it gives you control over something 
  21. Have a girl’s night 
  22. Go on a date 
  23. Visit your parents 

I’ll be adding more to this list, but for now, here you go! 


Free Class Resources I Use 


I have complied a list of class resources that my friends and I use: 

  1. Digital History is an online textbook that can be used in place of any textbook for any class. I am currently using it for my U.S. History II class by my professor’s wishes. 
  2. Chegg is a great place to buy or rent textbooks (or ebooks) at a very low cost. I have never seen textbooks that cost that little! They also have online tutoring, test prep, internship resources, and college information. Everybody I know that rents or buys from Chegg loves it. 
  3. Wolfram|Alpha is a super calculator that will tell you how to solve the question you typed, as well as the answer. 
  4. Mathway is another super calculator that gives you the answer to any problem, complex or simple. It’s only downfall is not telling you how to solve the problem. 
  5. Unigo is an amazing place. You can find millions of scholarships, research colleges, find jobs and internships, as well as sell/buy textbooks. 
  6. Khan Academy has thorough math, science, and SAT prep videos and practice problems. 
  7. Crash Course with Hank and John Green teaches economics, politics, science, and history. 
  8. Quizlet is great because you can make and share your own set of flashcards, and also look at any other ones made. 
  9. Grammarly
  10. Slader has textbook answers. (Although, some pages have missing problems) 
  12. Biology Forums has answers to all of the weird biology questions you don’t want to ask in class. 
  13. Google Drive is a cloud storage website that beats carrying around a flash drive you may loose. It holds all of your (Google) spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and videos. 

If you have any, comment them and I’ll add! 

~ Jaedyn 

    Sweet & Simple Family Valentines 

     Valentine’s Day is not just about your significant other, but rather about everybody that you love, including your family. 

    Today I am sharing the Valentines I made this year for my family. 

    I printed (free)  prints from We Lived Happily Ever After and customized them with my own personal message. 


    It’s sweet & simple. 

    Xoxo Jaedyn 


    Valentine’s For Your Single Girls! 

     We all have friends that get bummed out on Valentine’s Day because they don’t have a significant other. Well, this year you can make their day by giving them this yummy and super easy Valentine! I’ll show you how I made 3.
    You’ll need:

    • A piece of construction paper
    • A marker
    • Clear tape
    • Sissors
    • French fries

    Yes. French fries.  Who doesn’t ~love~ French fries?

    To make the Valentines follow these easy steps:

    1. Cut the construction paper into however many strips you’ll need (1 per friend)
    2. Write “fries before guys” in a cute font
    3. Purchase said fries (their favorites)
    4. Tape your construction paper note onto the holder of the fries (the little cardboard thing they come in)
    5. Give to your single friends for a laugh and yummy food indulgence!

    Here’s what my construction paper notes look like:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ❤ Jaedyn

    10 Valentine’s Day Outfits! 

    Love is in the air and for those who want to make it a fashion statement, these outfit ideas are for you! 

    1. Lipstick print sweater and matching pink kitten heels  (kissmedarling) 
    2.  A flirty pink dress with white heels  (Be Modish) 
    3.  A shirt with hearts on it  (
    4. A “be mine” sweater and heart shaped purse   (no source was given/Pinterest) 
    5. Simply a red shirt and white shorts   (Latest Fashion Trends) 
    6. A preppy-style heart sweater, white collared shirt, and necklace   (Her Campus) 
    7. Pink blouse and flats with jeans and a white blazer   (Defrumpme) 
    8. A simple red dress   (Lulu’s) 
    9. A love-themed graphic tee   (kissmedarling) 
    10. A red romper  (andeelayne) 

    Love ya, Valentine! 

    ~ Jaedyn 

      Taking a Break from Social Media- A List 

      I really need a break from online social activities. For me that means no Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Snapchat. Lately, just seeing how many Snapchat stories I feel morally obligated to click through adds to my stress. This is how I suggest doing it:

      (Tips at the end) 

      1. Make a Facebook post telling everyone that you’ll be offline for a while and if it’s dire to text me. Don’t put a big spiel about how you’re so stressed out and what not. A- not many people care and B- you don’t want gossip to stress you out more.
      2. For Snapchat make a quick post (maybe 5 seconds) saying you’re taking a break from Snapchat. Quick, easy, and one less person’s story to look through. 
      3. If you feel like you have to, post something on Instagram and caption it that you’re leaving for a while. If you feel scared to do this because of the thought of loosing followers, put how long you’ll be gone so they know not to unfollow you. 
      4. For your friends, you can let them know why you’re stressed so they know to leave you alone for a while. If you just explain to them, they’ll understand. If you don’t tell anybody you’re stressed and then lash out at everybody, you’ll have problems. Be smart. 


      • If you don’t act like it’s a big deal, nobody else will. 
      • If you really feel like you need a break, I would keep it to at least two days away from social platforms. 
      • Make sure you tell your parents, no matter how old you are, because they’ll worry about you and you know it. 
      • You can temporarily deactivate your Facebook page, and log in with your normal username and password when you’re ready to come back. 
      • Remind yourself with this lock screen:    

      Another note: 

      I’m going to keep using Pinterest because it’s not social to me, it’s creative, and Kik because it’s my little sister’s way to talk to me. So, I’m just getting away from the ones that have constant notifications, people asking you questions in comments, tagging you, etc. Staying in touch wth your family and scrolling through pictures is totally fine in this case. Aaannnd I’m still going to blog. Making blog drafts is cathardic as heck (I’m doing it right now!). 

      How to Relax for the Super Busy Person 

        I work 17 hours a week and go to college for 15 credit hours this semester. I also have to do hours of homework, food shopping, sleep, clean, and make time for my friends and boyfriend. I’m a very busy young lady. 

      The concept of relaxing never really hit me until very recently. I don’t like to relax. I don’t want to relax. I could be doing “better things with my time- more productive things…” But honey, taking care of you and your mental/emotional/physical well-being is productive. You must take care of yourself before anything else. And once I start relaxing, I feel way better. 

      With my newfound desire for relaxation, I decided to share a list of how I relax with you all. 

      How Jaedyn Relaxes 

      1. I’ll get lost in a book 
      2. I take a warm bath with bubbles and Epsom salts 
      3. I have a girls night where we order pizza and watch a movie 
      4. If I really need it, I’ll take a nap between classes 
      5. I say “no” to things that A. Will overwhelm me B. Make my schedule way to packed C. Don’t pertain to me 
      6. I make time for yoga to focus on mindful breathing. It really helps during the day when you get overwhelmed. 
      7. Talk a walk for pleasure not with an objective in mind (i.e. walking to the dining hall to get lunch doesn’t count
      8. Sometimes I’ll literally just sit down, close my eyes, and practice the mindful breathing mentioned before 
      9. If there’s an app I really like, I’ll play it when I’m stressed and need to get my mind off my something. I’m currently playing Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector) 
      10. I will hug/ cuddle someone. I saw my good friend Amanda one day and walked up to her and hugged her. I’ll cuddle my boyfriend all the time. You know why? Because it’s sooooo cathardic. 
      11. Sometimes my siblings will rub my feet for a fee, but it’s worth it, especially if you live on a college campus and you’re constantly walking around. 
      12. Watch Netflix or TV 

      Alright, those are some ways I relax! As people comment, I’ll add on to the post so it can become extremely helpful! 

      Stay chill,


      10 Ways to Style White Converse

      This is the first post in my new 10 Ways to Style Series! The series consists of posts featuring an item and ten ways to wear it.

      Without further-ado:


      1. As part of an all white outfit
      2. As a part of a half-white half-black outfit
      3. Match your shoes to your handbag and your scarf
      4. Wear a flannel buttoned all the way up, rolled skinny jeans, and your white converse
      5. High-waisted pants and a white tank top
      6. Wear all black accept your accessories
      7. A chunky white sweater and light-wash jeans
      8. With a skater skirt
      9. Denim shorts and a graphic tee
      10. A white tee-shirt and light-wash ripped jeans

      Have fun and leave comments!