dōTERRA Yoga Collection Review

I adore yoga and the natural, calm lifestyle it promotes. That’s why I was super excited when I found out dōTERRA, my favorite essential oils brand, released a yoga trio October, 2017. The 3 blends are called “Anchor”, “Align”, and “Arise” respectively. The goal of this blend set is to steady you, center you, and to enlighten you. Click here for my dōTERRA Wellness Advocate profile! 

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Actually Sticking to your New Years Resolution of Working Out

It’s the same old bs every single year–“Yeah, I’m gonna start going to the gym more.” And the gym finally evens out to it’s normal count by February. Despite common belief, you don’t have to turn into an all-out gym rat to work out

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My Simple Go-To Yoga Flow

collage-2016-03-30~The Jaedyn Flow~ 

Repeat as many times as needed!

Palms together 


Arms up and over your head to your sides 

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Forward fold modified

images (1)

Forward fold


Downward dog




Child’s pose 


(None of these pictures are mine)

Why Yoga?


Namaste, friends!

Why yoga? Well, simply put:

Yoga gives you physical health benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength throughout your whole body
  • Better posture
  • Drops your blood pressure

(If you want a complete list of the health benefits of yoga, check out this website!)

As well as mental health benefits:

  • Tames the stress response (I for one know this definitely works)
  • Improves your overall mood
  • Soothes anxiety and depression
  • Boosts memory and concentration

My Since I have started yoga I have had a grasp on my temper, mood swings, and impulsive behaviors as well as becoming more flexible. Whenever I sense that I am becoming irritated, I focus on my breathing. It is very soothing, making me calm down quickly so I can solve matters with a clear head. For me, working out promotes a healthy lifestyle, so I have been eating better and drinking more water as well. Yoga helps me relax (which I have a very hard time doing)

  1. It makes me more flexible (which I love)
  2. It gives me a whole body workout
  3. Its teachings help me as a person


At the end of my yoga routine I ease into savasana, or the corpse pose, and think about why I decided to do yoga and what I am grateful for in that moment. Sometimes I think about how I am grateful for my big, fluffy bed at home (ew, dorm beds!) and sometimes I think about way deeper things and reflect.

Yoga is very good for those of you that “cannot” relax- such as myself. Yoga will allow you to relax after you get into the steady rhythm and open your heart.