What Crystal is Right for Your Pet?

If you love crystals, you’ve probably thought about which ones could help your pet. Here at Just Giada Co., we made a line called “Crystal Collar Cages” full of dog and cat safe and supportive crystals. If they can help us, why can’t they help our pets? Did you know that animals also have chakra systems?

If you’re ready and just want to pick, go to my shop at shop.justgiada.com! There are shorter descriptions there.

Hint: This list is in alphabetical order


Key Points

third eye chakra
soothes anxiety
good for empaths

If your pet struggles with anxiety, if they are a service animal, and/or is hyperactive they could benefit from an amethyst crystal. Amethyst has calming, soothing properties and is great for empathetic animals like service dogs/cats.

Our Amethyst Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $14.44 and the Amethyst Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage is currently on sale for $5.55.


Key Points

stabilizes and cleanses all chakras (mostly root)
encourages courage and success
aids with the reproductive system
aids with nausea, indigestion, and cramps
aids with teeth and gums

If your pet has health problems, black agate may be best for them. Not only does it soothe several ailments, but also gives them courage to battle their illness.

Our Black Agate Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

🌌 throat chakra
🌌 courage
🌌 astral travel
🌌 good luck
🌌 man-made stone created using quartz sand and infused with chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, or copper

So because Blue Sandstone is a man-made crystal and doesn’t have uses for pets, I mainly sell this for aesthetic purposes.

Our Blue Sandstone Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22 and with a matching “when it’s dark look for stars” charm it is $15.55.


Key Points

heart chakra
encourages action & drive
emits high vibrations
aids with personal power

I suggest cherry quartz for any pet who struggles with giving or receiving love, or has depression or anxiety.

Our Sphere Cherry Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

heart chakra
called the “anti-stress stone”
aids meditation (cats meditate!)

India Agate is good for pets with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and general healing. This is actually the cage I have on my dog’s collar! She’s been a much better listener and barks less.

Our Sphere India Agate Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Lapis Lazuli

Key Points

throat chakra
‘the stone of queens’
speak your truth
dispel negative thoughts

This is another crystal that can help with anxiety. Being a throat chakra crystal, it will also help your pet communicate more effectively with you instead of just barking/meowing excessively.

Our Sphere Lapis Lazuli Crystal Collar Cage is $15.55 and our Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Cage (S) is $5.55.

Rose Quartz

Key Points

heart chakra
unconditional love
all love, including self-love
soothes and brings happiness

Rose Quartz is great for pets who have a hard time giving or receiving love. Think past strays and rescues, especially if they were abused. This also helps shy pets open up and helps facilitate a bond.

Our Sphere Rose Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $13.33.

Tiger’s Eye

Key Points

solar plexus and root chakra
good luck
focus and mental clarity
fear and anxiety

Tiger’s Eye is great for pets who lack focus and are anxious. Also, why wouldn’t you put “tiger’s eye” on your cat?

Our Sphere Tiger’s Eye Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

persistence & patience
unconditional love & protection
pregnancy & birth

Unakite is another stone, like rose quartz, that helps previously unloved pets be receptive to love. Unakite will also aid pregnant and birthing mother pets!

Our Sphere Unakite Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Yellow Jade

Key Points

solar plexus chakra

Yellow Jade helps shy, skiddish pets gain confidence and feel more secure with themselves.

Our Sphere Yellow Jade Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Should You Get a Sphere or Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage?

Spheres emit even energy from all sides and are more expensive because they’ve been shaped and polished.
Tumbled stones have gentle, even energy and are less expensive than spheres.
Which one is best for your pet?

Ready to pick? Head over to shop.justgiada.com to get a Crystal Collar Cage today!

Facing 21

I turn 21 years old in a handful of days. I’ve been dreaming about it almost every night and thinking about it every day. Coincided? A little. I am a Leo for crying out loud. But honestly, it’s mostly worry… or amazement. On one hand, I’m worried about what the future of the beginning of major adulthood looks like, but I’m also happy I’ve made it this far and can’t believe I’m actually 21 years old.

Within 6 months I’ll be 21, have a degree, move— at least. I’m going to be a young professional, like I’ve always wanted, but now that I’m staring at it in the face, I’m intimidated. I have a lot of changes to make. I’m thinking the intimidation comes from not feeling “fully” adult, whatever that means. I still have roommates, I still break out, my car is smashed, I have a semester of college left… I think the idea of an adult (at least in my head) has been made out to be this perfect, young professional woman when that may not be the truth. Because of that, it feels unobtainable at the moment.

I’ve been slowly realizing that I lost who I am and everything that makes me, me since becoming legal. I’ve been reading The Audacity to be Queen by Gina DeVee and it’s the kick I needed for inspiration. Books are really inspirational and open up my creativity, especially biographies and self-help books. Since I turned 18 I’ve lost my sense of independence, drive, passion, and confidence. The problem on top of that is, those are some of my core personality traits. I’m a Queen who takes 7 college classes at 16 years old while paying for it, working, and doing extra curriculars. Where did I go?

One thing that I want to do to prepare for my entry into deep adulthood (who can tell me I’m not an adult now?) is revamp my wardrobe. It may sound pretentious, but I think I have too many t-shirts for someone who is about to enter the professional workforce. I’ve been collecting professional button downs from my grandmother over the years, but I don’t have pants/shoes/causal shirts to wear. My first addition is a pair of leopard print mules from Target and I loveeee them. Maybe I’ll make a thread on my new threads.

I don’t know where to add this, but 21 is also scary to me because people that I admire die around this age. I definitely don’t have the same lifestyle as them, but watching people you admire die around the age you’re about to be is bone-chilling.

Thanks for listening to me vent, Giada

Astrological Thumbprints

‘Astrological Thumbprints’ is the term I coined to describe a person’s unique, personal sky map. By using your date, location, and exact time of birth I am able to pull your natal chart and carefully create an interpretation for you! By filling out the form below and making a payment for which interpretation you want, I will get the notifications and let you know via email that I received them and about how long your wait time will be. Thank you for considering an Astrological Thumbprint and I look forward to teaching you about yourself!

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Interested? Here’s the contact form and pricing: click me!

I’m going to start using my blog as an information and marketing platform for Astrological Thumbprints, on top of my usual posting. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via my ‘Business Inquires’ tab on the homepage.

Thanks for reading! Giada

Spring 2019 Semester Vent: Panic Attacks and Other Drama


I don’t even know where to start.

I guess the crippling panic attacks are a good start off?

So a little background information– after a huge hurricane decimated where I was living in 2017, I moved 2 hours away to move in with my dad. Life altering already, right? So I tried online classes since I obviously wasn’t going to school on campus anymore, and failed because I’m just not the online class type. I worked and worked and said I’d go back to school, but I was stuck in this bubble of fear, comfortable where I was. I didn’t want to go back to where I was living before. It was crazy, uncontrollable, and unstructured. I liked my peace and quiet working for $8/h at a coffee shop. I was engaged. Got a dog who I adore. I was happy.

Finally, a year and a half later, I found myself back at school because “it’s the right thing to do” and whatever. “It’ll be easy,” I thought, since I went there for 2 years already. *Record scratch* “Wow, I was fucking wrong,” I thought, 2 weeks later. Being in that hell hole away from the life I had started in my quiet little town was killing me. I was alone, stressed, and miserable. The only good thing about my dorm was that I didn’t have a roommate bothering me and I could decorate however I wanted to. I was taking 6 or 7 classes, wasn’t working so I didn’t have any money, and once again, was alone. I’m introverted and very picky, so reading this and being like, “Smh, dumb, why didn’t you just ~make friends~,” is pointless. I don’t wanna; that’s why.

So I think it was the first day of trigonometry that I got my first panic attack of the semester. I didn’t realize it at first because I thought my body was trying to make me faint, which in hindsight probably IS what was happening. Naturally, I called my mom: “Hey, I think I keep trying to faint. What do I do? Is that normal? I’m not dehydrated.” I don’t remember the whole conversation, but I ended up being fine, I think. Ah yes, I was shaken and called my old, local friend who I currently don’t speak to anymore, lol. So it was a great first day, right? It only got worse.

Pretty soon, I was textbook panic disorder. Emergency room with my heart rate at 150 in March, avoiding situations that would give me panic attacks (Sadly, class. *waves* Hi parents.), mild agoraphobia, etc. My first really bad panic attack happened in February and I was shaking– more like thrashing my body– uncontrollably and puking for three hours. I got extremely sick around April and my hypochondriac ass got panic attacks on top of that because obviously I’m fucking dying if I’m that sick. Not just sick, but sick and dying. For some reason I’m still avoiding therapy, too.

Flew to Vegas in the middle of this somehow, lol.

I don’t want to spill all the beans because I respect myself a liiittttttttle bit, but jeez I’m so stupid sometimes!!

Everybody: “No, Jaedyn.”

Jaedyn: *Loses hearing and judgement*

If it weren’t for my ONE friend, I probably would’ve died. I purposely have not looked up what the hell would’ve happened to me the day my heart rate was 150, but if I were truly all alone, truly friendless, maybe I would’ve died. I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. But- it’s a scary thought.

Usually I’m a straight-A student. Always have been, and I thought I always would be, but panic disorder has been one of the hardest blocks in my life so far. It’s truly crippling and terrifying. I bawl my eyes out in fear of it. I’m so scared to go back to school next semester. I’ve been crying more and more lately in preparation, I guess. Last semester I did alright, passed, but could’ve done better. “Hey at least you didn’t flunk out of school because of it,” yeah yeah but I have standards for myself. It’s hard to do amazing in a class when you avoid it.

Overall, this is a vent, a rant, and advice obviously doesn’t help me or I’d be fine. I guess I wanted to get this out for me, and also share this in case someone else with panic disorder reads this. It sucks, it really does, but I’m better than I was in the beginning.

Something that really helped me was joining the panic disorder subreddit. Knowing that there are other people that go through what I do, and that some of those people are almost “out” of it, made me feel less alone and more hopeful. If you’re going through this and need someone to relate to or, hopefully in the future lend advice, feel free to comment on this. According to a random Google search, panic disorder affects 2-3% of Americans. So while we’re few and far between, we should help each other when we can.

Alright, try not to judge me too harshly for this post.


The End of A Chapter

There were 2 lines in this that struck me HARD. Wow. So impressed.


The Bayou Farm Adventure chapter is officially closed. I actually signed the sale a few weeks ago. It just took a long time to sink in that it’s not mine any more. And that I won’t likely ever realize all those dreams I had attached so thoroughly to the most beautiful piece of land I will likely ever be able to call all mine. I have faith one day all of this will hurt less. But, alas, that day remains elusive. And while I am grateful for al the ways God showed up for Us in those moments & I am enjoying the twists & turns Life has surprised me with, there is just something so unsettling about being ripped- mid dream- from a Life you are enjoying so very much- and being thrown into a another Life, nothing like the one you worked so hard to create. It does…

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Introducing: Natural Essentials


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My New October Workout + Playlist

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting– school is crazy!

My new workout is pretty simple.

First I drink a pre-workout mix that tastes like lemonade by Beachbody, and I buy it here! 

Then I go on the elliptical for 20 minutes, switching the resistance from 1-5 and the elevation from 1-10 when needed. I always end on 1 and 1. This works the heck out of my legs and butt.

After that I do what I call “floor workouts”, and I focus on my abs. I use a Kama Fitness flat abs workout. I have it saved as a photo on my cell phone and look at it while I work out.

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You are 2 Lists Away from a Comfortable Room

Most people enjoy spending alone time in their room, so why not make your room a getaway that is comfy, warm, and has all of your favorite things? I used 2 lists to brainstorm and make my room the best it could be.Continue reading “You are 2 Lists Away from a Comfortable Room”

How to Study for a Comprehensive Final when you Didn’t Understand the Material All Semester

5 steps. The only prerequisites are dedication and motivation.

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What to do When You Can’t Possibly Take Anymore Stress 

  Warning: some profanity is used 

You know- when everybody and everything starts to piss you off. When all you want to do is lay down and sleep but your to-do list stares at you from across the room. 


When you feel overwhelmed, disgusting, stressed, and irritable beyond belief, here are some things you can actually do: 

  1. Seriously, if you need to cry just do it and get it over with. 
  2. Go to that one special person that you can talk to about anything and vent your heart out
  3. Temporarily deactivate your social media so you don’t have to deal with the nagging losers and group message drama.  
  4. Let people know that you’re stressed and need some time away, which means: don’t go to every social event, use your phone as little as possible, and don’t be drawn into drama. Just make sure you let people know (especially your parents and close friends) so it doesn’t cause something to make you more stressed out. 
  5. Watch those live-stream cat videos like Too Cute from Animal Planet
  6. Squeeze a long ass nap into your schedule because sleep deprivation is a very bad thing. 
  7. Read a book and immerse yourself in it so you temporarily forget about what’s stressing you out. 
  8. Cuddle something, really anything. Your boyfriend, friend, pillow, teddy bear, floor. 
  9. Do something artistic you enjoy such as painting, writing, drawing, making DIY crafts, etc. (I linked my Art board on Pinterest, which is filled with great painting and drawing inspiration). 
  10. If you play an instrument, make time for that. I play the piano! 
  11. Do something nice for somebody else because making someone happy should make you happy. If not, you’re a sadistic human being. 
  12. Work out because kicking ass on the elliptical is safer and more legal than kicking the actual human ass of your stressors. It lets off so much steam and nervous energy. (I reccomend water aerobics as well, especially if you’re not aggressive). 
  13. Scream and punch your ugly dorm bed if need be. 
  14. Listen to carefree music. 
  15. Take a long bath and mindlessly stare at bottles of soap and play with the bubbles. 
  16. Open your window, sit on your bed, close your eyes, and breath. 
  17. If you are allowed to, take time off of work to relax and do something enjoyable. 
  18. Climb a tree. It’s my go-to thing to do when I’m stressed. 
  19. Write about it. 
  20. If you’re like me, organizing will make you feel better because it gives you control over something 
  21. Have a girl’s night 
  22. Go on a date 
  23. Visit your parents 

I’ll be adding more to this list, but for now, here you go!