DIY Pet Toy 


Me with animals  Especially my pets 

I have 3 dogs and 5 cats. It’s hard to play with all of them and make sure each one of them always feels loved and like they’ve received enough attention- especially because I don’t live with my parents anymore and I barely see my furry babies. 

One day at the animal shelter I volunteer for, they were passing out homemade felt dog and cat toys. I picked up one for each species and tried it out.

My kitten loved it! 

So I decided to make my own. 

All you need is: 

  • Fabric or felt (anything you can cut into strips) 
  • Sissors 
  • An elastic / hair tie 

 I used an old sock, normal sissors, and an elastic I found.  


  1. Cut the fabric or felt into strips   
  2. Take one strip at a time and tie it around the elastic 
  3. Repeat until the elastic has fabric all around it    
  4. Play with your cute pet!