What Crystal is Right for Your Pet?

If you love crystals, you’ve probably thought about which ones could help your pet. Here at Just Giada Co., we made a line called “Crystal Collar Cages” full of dog and cat safe and supportive crystals. If they can help us, why can’t they help our pets? Did you know that animals also have chakra systems?

If you’re ready and just want to pick, go to my shop at shop.justgiada.com! There are shorter descriptions there.

Hint: This list is in alphabetical order


Key Points

third eye chakra
soothes anxiety
good for empaths

If your pet struggles with anxiety, if they are a service animal, and/or is hyperactive they could benefit from an amethyst crystal. Amethyst has calming, soothing properties and is great for empathetic animals like service dogs/cats.

Our Amethyst Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $14.44 and the Amethyst Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage is currently on sale for $5.55.


Key Points

stabilizes and cleanses all chakras (mostly root)
encourages courage and success
aids with the reproductive system
aids with nausea, indigestion, and cramps
aids with teeth and gums

If your pet has health problems, black agate may be best for them. Not only does it soothe several ailments, but also gives them courage to battle their illness.

Our Black Agate Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

🌌 throat chakra
🌌 courage
🌌 astral travel
🌌 good luck
🌌 man-made stone created using quartz sand and infused with chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, or copper

So because Blue Sandstone is a man-made crystal and doesn’t have uses for pets, I mainly sell this for aesthetic purposes.

Our Blue Sandstone Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22 and with a matching “when it’s dark look for stars” charm it is $15.55.


Key Points

heart chakra
encourages action & drive
emits high vibrations
aids with personal power

I suggest cherry quartz for any pet who struggles with giving or receiving love, or has depression or anxiety.

Our Sphere Cherry Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

heart chakra
called the “anti-stress stone”
aids meditation (cats meditate!)

India Agate is good for pets with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and general healing. This is actually the cage I have on my dog’s collar! She’s been a much better listener and barks less.

Our Sphere India Agate Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Lapis Lazuli

Key Points

throat chakra
‘the stone of queens’
speak your truth
dispel negative thoughts

This is another crystal that can help with anxiety. Being a throat chakra crystal, it will also help your pet communicate more effectively with you instead of just barking/meowing excessively.

Our Sphere Lapis Lazuli Crystal Collar Cage is $15.55 and our Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Cage (S) is $5.55.

Rose Quartz

Key Points

heart chakra
unconditional love
all love, including self-love
soothes and brings happiness

Rose Quartz is great for pets who have a hard time giving or receiving love. Think past strays and rescues, especially if they were abused. This also helps shy pets open up and helps facilitate a bond.

Our Sphere Rose Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $13.33.

Tiger’s Eye

Key Points

solar plexus and root chakra
good luck
focus and mental clarity
fear and anxiety

Tiger’s Eye is great for pets who lack focus and are anxious. Also, why wouldn’t you put “tiger’s eye” on your cat?

Our Sphere Tiger’s Eye Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

persistence & patience
unconditional love & protection
pregnancy & birth

Unakite is another stone, like rose quartz, that helps previously unloved pets be receptive to love. Unakite will also aid pregnant and birthing mother pets!

Our Sphere Unakite Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Yellow Jade

Key Points

solar plexus chakra

Yellow Jade helps shy, skiddish pets gain confidence and feel more secure with themselves.

Our Sphere Yellow Jade Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Should You Get a Sphere or Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage?

Spheres emit even energy from all sides and are more expensive because they’ve been shaped and polished.
Tumbled stones have gentle, even energy and are less expensive than spheres.
Which one is best for your pet?

Ready to pick? Head over to shop.justgiada.com to get a Crystal Collar Cage today!

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