Fighting Health Panic

Health concerns are very scary. I would argue that they’re even scarier, or at least harder to cope with, when you have panic disorder.

For me, it would be the most random pain, thought, etc. that would set me off. Immediately I would think of things that could be wrong with me and eventually I would find my way to Google. Everyone would tell me not to, but it always happened. Reader, even looking up “migraines” had me thinking I had a brain tumor or something.

Anyways, I’ve gotten a lot better and this is how.

  1. Stop looking things up, obviously
    • Block the website, show some self control (guilty), talk about it to a friend instead
      • To block a site, do a Google search for your specific browser
  2. If it’s medication related, ask a pharmacist on the Walgreen’s app or the person who prescribed it to you
  3. If something is really bothering you, go to a doctor
    • I let them know that I have severe anxiety and medically related things are a trigger so they’re more cautious with things they say
  4. Use positive affirmations to tell yourself that you’re a-okay
    • Convince yourself that you are okay, calm, and safe

I wish you the best of luck on your journey through anxiety.


Photo by Negative Space

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