New (For Me) Things I’m Trying for Anxiety

In my journey with crippling anxiety, I feel like I’ve seen it all; every tip, every trick. I refuse to mislead my readers by saying these are “new” techniques, but they are things that I haven’t taken seriously enough.

As cliche as it is, it’s 2020 and I’m sick of having this dark cloud and fear attached to me even when I’m supposed to be happy. These will hopefully become habitual for me.


I have always loved essential oils–my mom even sells them–but I have not gotten into them as much as I should have. Research on aromatherapy is limited, but what has been found is positive.

For example, I’ve never tried Cedarwood despite knowing the benefits. I want to utilize this amazing gift the Earth has given us.

Serious Meditation with Crystals

I have done this for a while now, but I tend to take too long of breaks in between bursts of habitual practice.

I like to utilize my chakra crystals by putting them in their designated areas on my body while I hold selenite. I use this practice as a quiet time to soul search and delve into my spirituality.

Painting and Coloring

This is something that I see talked about a lot, but I never took seriously enough to do it frequently.

I was gifted an adult paint by numbers for Christmas that I’ve been working on for the past couple of days, and WOW. I enjoy it a lot.

I’m an artsy person who appreciates the austere things in life, so I like to put on classical music and color/paint away.

It’s calming, centering, and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something!


I love yoga, but sometimes stretching is enough.

I recently went to a massage therapist and she suggested adding stretching to the daily things I do (showering, sitting down, watching TV, etc.)

Stretching routinely increases flexibility, increases mobility, and improves your overall quality of movement.


Recently I got a massage membership so I get monthly massages at a discounted rate.

Regular massages reduce stress, better your posture,  and increase circulation.

It’s not just somebody rubbing your body in a room for an hour. You can also get massages targeting certain areas, use techniques like rapid tension massage, serums, muscle therapy, aromatherapy, and hot stones.

Yogic Teachings

I get the Yoga magazine, and they have some really inspirational passages. Just looking through the magazine makes me want to do yoga flows for hours.

Something I find very important for people with anxiety that’s prevalent in yoga is the art of breathing and letting go.

I’m not very good at those things, so by taking yoga more seriously, I’m hoping I’ll gain those strengths and tools against my anxiety.


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