Is AMC Premiere Worth $15?

There are 2 types of basic reward memberships for AMC Theaters; Insider and Premiere. While Insider is free, Premiere costs $15 a year. While that may be an instant turn off to any novice penny-pincher, I’m here to tell you that with this membership, not only are there ample opportunities to make your money back, but loads of savings as well. Why listen to me? I sell these and see the savings Premiere customers rack up on a daily basis.

Big Birthday Month Perk

When signing up for Stubs, make sure you give the associate your birthday when they ask. For your birthday month, you’ll get a free #1 (large popcorn and drink) for a total of about $16, and your membership is only $15.

Buy a Large, Pay for a Regular

One of the most coveted rewards benefits of Premiere members is their popcorn and drink discounts. All you do is get your card scanned, order what you want, and if there happens to be large popcorn tubs and drinks they’ll become the price of a regular. Just please, for the love of God, don’t order regulars and expect the associate to magically know you wanted larges– we have to put them in as larges.

Waived Ticketing Fees Online

If you buy tickets online through AMC (not Fandango) your online ticketing fees are waived no matter how many tickets, while Insiders only receive waived ticketing fees for 4+ tickets. Ticketing fees are $1.75 per person. So say you’re going to watch a movie with your family of 4, sans-membership. That’s $7 you didn’t have to spend on a day out, just for not having a membership!

Priority Lanes

Premiere guests get to be taken first at Box Office and Concessions in their own priority lanes. It’s not going to save you money, but it saves you time!

Still not convienced? Here are the similarities between Insider and Premiere.

$5 Ticket Tuesdays

$5 Ticket Tuesdays are for anybody with a Stubs account. All you do is bring your card (or phone number) to checkout and watch your ticket price drop. Some important things to remember are that there is no extra discount for seniors, military, etc. on top of the $5 deal, tickets are around $5 anyways in the morning (you’ll only save 19 cents), and 3D movies cost about $3 more.

Large Popcorn Refills

If you’re Insider or Premiere you receive free refills on large popcorn tubs. This saves you about $9 every time you run out of popcorn at the movies! This perk is great for big families.

Large Popcorn Birthday Gift

The Insider membership only gets you a large popcorn on your birthday (~$9) opposed to the large popcorn AND drink (~$16) Premiere members get.

So, YES it’s worth it to get Premiere. All I ask of you if you decide to get it is to purchase it in-store with an associate. We have to meet a certain goal every day and we get prizes if we reach them! 

Disclaimer: I don’t work for AMC corporate and I’m not speaking for them. I’m writing this as a reviewer with inside knowledge.


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