Can I Clean My Beauty Blender in the Microwave?

So there’s this trend going around where beauty gurus are putting their makeup sponges in a cup of soapy water and microwaving it for 1 minute to clean it. I’m here to put my beloved beauty blender on the line to prove if this works or not with a science experiment.

The first time I tried, it barely changed anything:


Also, it was SUPER hot so make sure you rise it with cold water and gently squeeze it opposed to grabbing it. 

So I tried again, filling a microwave safe cup with dish soap, water, and my blender:

Once it came out, I promptly dumped the hot water and my blender down the drain lolol. Be careful of that.

I got it back out to see that nothing much changed; at least not something as drastic as what I saw online. Here’s a comparison of that first picture and this last one:

What really made the difference is when I hand-washed it. What I did was target problem areas with the dish soap and scrubbed it in/ squeezed it with my hands.

So now comparing after the first microwave, after the second microwave, and after hand-washing:

You can tell which one worked the best: hand-washing.

My verdict: Not really. I did not get the same results that I saw online. What cleaned it was hand-washing. 

Tip: Use lotion on your hands afterwards because they’re going to be dry asf.

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