PetSmart and Petco Coupon Books Review (Not Sponsored)

This post is going to cover Petco’s Welcome to the Family coupon book, Petco’s Coupon Calendar, and PetSmart’s Puppy Guide. All of these opinions are my own and nothing here is sponsored.


#1 Petco Foundation: Coupon Calendar ($15)

I actually got this on sale for about $5 since it was already April, even though the coupons inside were all still good (most of them until December). I’m sooo happy with this purchase and recommend it to all pet owners, especially cats and dogs.

The thing I like the most about this is that there are loads of coupons that are straight up for FREE STUFF, no strings attached. You can fill your shopping cart with the free coupon items and only check out with those and it’s just all free. I saved WAY MORE than what I paid– I got $16.16 worth of free things and only paid $4.98, giving me $11.28 surplus!

Some of the things I got for free are:

  • SoPhresh Oxy Lift Dog Stain & Odor Remover Spray ($11.99 value)
    • LOVE THIS PRODUCT it deodorizes immediately and gets rid of stains in carpets instantaneously
  • Instinct 1 oz. Raw Boost Mixers Chicken ($1.99 value)
  • Instinct 3 oz. Healthy Cravings Chicken Recipe  ($1.49 value)
  • Merrick’s Dental Chew ($0.79 value)

The coupons that aren’t for free things are still pretty good, such as 10%/20% off coupons, and BOGO for a bunch of food brands. A lot of it’s food, which is awesome, but you’re not supposed to change your dog’s food a lot… so beware of the freebies.

I haven’t used all of the coupons yet; I’m not even close.

I suggest this coupon calendar to people who are skeptical about buying coupons, because I’m more than happy about this. I got to try products I would’ve overlooked or deemed “too expensive” or “not important” for free and even got to give my sister some coupons for her fish!

#2 Petco: Welcome to the Family ($0)

This coupon book is awesome, especially because it’s free.

I got a 5 lb. bag of Whole Hearted Chicken and Pea Dry Puppy Food for free with a $20 purchase, but I made that purchase out of discounted items in the book such as Bond & Co. 2 collar set (10% off making it $9).

I suggest this book for people who are looking for some good deals and really just want to browse coupons and see what the store has to offer. This coupon book has a little bit of everything.

#3 PetSmart: Puppy Guide ($20)

I feel bad because I like PetSmart as a company, just not this coupon book! I wouldn’t get this book again because I haven’t gotten my money’s worth. There aren’t any free coupons to try new things like in the Petco books, except to their vet and groomers (but Jean’s still too young, so…). Maybe I’ll get my money back when I take her to the groomers, but it’s too far in advance for me to justify it now. This one was the most expensive, but the most disappointing.

I suggest this book for owners of older dogs that are looking to stretch the deals over a longer period of time, unlike puppy owners who have a growing, energetic baby on the hands. I feel like puppy owners need a lot of new things right away, while owners of older dogs have been doing this for a while and have what they need and will experiment with coupons.

I’m glad I tried all of these instead of boxing myself in with just one brand, or just one book. If you’re still not sure, you should do some more digging and see which coupons would more benefit your dog. Remember–it’s about your wallet, yes, but it’s mainly about your puppa’s happiness!


Jean and Giada

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