4 Ways to Make a Little Bit of Money in a Pinch

These tactics aren’t going to make you a lot of money in a short amount of time, or really even over a long time, but they’re definitely ways to get small direct deposits when you’re in a tight situation. Something is always better than nothing in a struggle.

These methods are real ones I rarely see blogged about (for some unknown but amazing reason) that I searched the crevasses of the web for. So, none of these are sponsored.


I like Mercari over Poshmark because they take 10% opposed to 20% and it seems like there’s more active people on it. All you do is upload pictures and a description of something that you don’t want anymore, and if it’s desirable, watch it become sold and send it to the buyer. If you have things you don’t want that are actually good, this is a way to make cash quickly.

My 2 tips for Mercari is to have quality photos and to think about what you’d pay for the item if you wanted it.

My Referral Code: DWJVEA 


Why the hell isn’t Qmee all over these “make money quick” sites? It’s every survey taker’s DREAM. There’s NO CASH OUT LIMIT. You can make as little as 25 cents on a survey and immediately put it in your bank account with no fees. You can stop in the middle of a survey if it’s one of those stupid, long, redundant ones.

My tip for using Qmee is to have your notifications for new surveys turned on and to get them while not a lot of people are trying to take it.

My Referral Code: http://qu.mee/5AB7CAF4 

Slice the Pie

So Slice the Pie is kind of hard to get into because you start at 1 cent a review. Yes, it’s daunting, but you move up to 6 cents and more depending on how often you review and what it is you’re reviewing. You can choose music, brands, clothes, and tech. accessories.  The one that’s most available is music, where you listen to at least 90 seconds of a song, rate it on a scale from 1-10, and write what you think about it.

My tip for Slice the Pie is to check for clothing reviews because they tend to pay the most and they’re the easiest.

My Referral Code: UAF07DD4 


I’m putting this one last because I’ve only ever cashed out once and I’ve been using the app for a while. What you do is look at what you can get cash back on from the store you shopped at, select what you bought, and upload your receipt. The “item” I get the most cash back on the most frequently is “Any Item” for 25 cents. It’s the easiest one because it doesn’t matter what you got, you just upload your receipt.

My 2 tips for this method is to use your friends’ and family’s receipts as well as your own and buy the things you can get cash back on (unless it’ll cost more at the end).

My Referral Code: jgfatae 

Good luck in your struggle,


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