Review of Netflix’s “Iron Fist” w GIFs

Although the show aired last March, I just recently got around to being able to watch it. Overall, I enjoyed it and it became one of my favorite series ever. It actually kept me shocked, intrigued, and wanting to watch it all. I guess I have to start Defenders now!

I’ve read a lot of online hate about the show, but I don’t think what people are complaining about is what warrants a good TV show.

Sometimes I wondered what was going on with Iron Fist’s character because he was always entertaining inner turmoil instead of being the zen guy I grew up loving. Maybe it’s just me being closed-minded about one of my favorite characters, but it didn’t ruin the show for me. I guess if anything it made me more sympathetic to what he was going through, but sometimes I was like, “C’mon dude.” I was also a tad disappointed that we never got to see the bright green Iron Fist suit we know and love!

The fist and mark looked great, and despite everyone’s b*tching, I liked the fight scenes a lot. It’s martial arts, not street brawling. What do you expect? It’s supposed to be more controlled movement-wise.

The show did an amazing job of yanking on my emotions! I always felt bad for Joy, usually felt bad for Danny, hate-then-felt-bad-for-then-liked Ward, always hated Harold, etc. It’s a show that you get emotionally invested in with plot and characters.


I loved Colleen and Danny’s relationship and interactions so much. They had me writhing and screaming at the TV like I was a 50 year old man watching football. Colleen had great fight scenes and character development, as well. She also had a handful of one-liners that had me rolling.


I was annoyed/disappointed/idk at Davos’ character, introduced towards the endof the series. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with comics, he’s son of Lei Kung the Thunderer, and personally, I don’t think the show did him justice.

So honestly, overall, I’m like Ward Meachum to the Iron Fist haters:


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