The Long Path to Just Giada (Featuring All of the Juicy Details)

Have you been wondering what’s going on with the site? Why all of the changes are happening and what all of the changes are? Well I’m here to answer all of my readers’ (local and international?!) questions. Blogging and business have always called to me, and I’m finally letting it happen. Here’s the long story (with all the juicy details) of how I ended up here.

I started Just Giada as “Jaedyn, The Blog” back in December of 2015. I had experience blogging; I had a blog when I was younger for my children’s book and environmentalist escapades. I made secret side-blogs for my interests and I can honestly say that for most of my youth I was either:

  • On the computer learning and blogging
  • Starting businesses (like for real, money and everything)
  • Outside running around with my friends
  • Organizing letter-campaigning parties at my house to tell officials what they were doing wrong and beg them for a change
  • Traveling around the country to read my children’s book to schools and promote environmental awareness
  • On the news
  • In NYC or Houston modeling

It was a lot, and blogging gave me an outlet.

All of the adults around me told me that I had such a knack for writing and business, and paired with my big heart, made for a great future. I kind of shrugged it off after my parents got divorced and I stopped doing all of those things that called to me.

I guess I would say around my freshman year in high school I started to get my creativity back. The creativity that you can’t suppress or hold inside of you for a second longer. I didn’t know it yet, but I was starting to realize that I AM a creative person; it’s a huge part of me. I started writing poems and short stories… I even made an Etsy account and Facebook page for my photography. Of course, it was met with the mean, although surprisingly ugly, girls at school talking bad about me on social media. Honestly, it discouraged me. I stopped doing it because I didn’t have the fire inside of me to burn through the hate (yet).

Sophomore year I applied to go to college early and got in for what would’ve been my junior year. There, of all places, I started painting again, writing more, pouring myself into my essay assignments, decorating my dorm, etc. Half-way through my junior year I made this blog. I had been wanting to for so long, but I was so so so so scared of rejection. I pour my heart and soul into this blog–why would I want people to hate it? I got some hate, obviously, from the same ugly mean girls at school. But–since I was in college while they were juniors in high school and I had a blog that got views and am a good person– I started to learn to brush it off.

I started blogging at my desk job and blogging on my phone when I was bored in class. I didn’t have a laptop so I’d walk to the library and spend hours there blogging, too. I found inspiration from everything. I have the INFJ gift of wanting to unconditionally help others, and you could really see that in my posts.

This past summer I really stopped blogging for a while. My posts starting becoming months apart– April 17th, July 6th, October 6th. I guess 3 months was the magic date for a post to pop up. But, by October I was settled down at my dad’s house after leaving my abusive, over-drawn relationship of 5 (wasted) years and going through a stupid-horrible hurricane I lost my house in. I ditched my horrible movie theater job I hated and got engaged to (I swear) my actual soul mate who loves me to pieces. Life (sort of) started looking up, and I guess that freed my mind up to want to blog again.

I stumbled upon my blog stats one day. I had thousands of readers all across the world! How could I let them down by flaking? With that confidence boost, I started taking Just Giada more seriously, and my numbers soared.

My mom got me into essential oils when I was younger–she’s Cherokee and raised me with natural-is-best principals–and recently started selling them as a wellness advocate. She recruited me, but of course I had to do my own thing with it.

That’s where my shop, Natural Essentials, comes in. It’s dedicated to making quality beauty products at a fair price with only good ingredients. Every single product is all-natural. Some ingredients I use are triple-filtered beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, and top shelf/nothing added essential oils. Yeah. I take this seriously.

I swear it was meant to be. I’ve made my site look so much more presentable with WordPress premium, which allowed me to purchase my domain name, and even created an Instagram for my blog @itsjustgiada. It pushed me to do what I should’ve done a long time ago. I was upset that I wasn’t seeing results, but I wasn’t putting 110% into my business. Now, it’s my everything. I’m dedicated to making this the best natural beauty shop and blog ever.

I’m extremely passionate about my brand, but my true goal isn’t fame or money, it’s helping people finding natural, healthy ways to increase happiness in their lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I really do appreicate it.

(Since you got to the bottom of this post, I know you really read it. Email a screenshot of this message to for 15% off your first Natural Essentials order!) 



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