Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s What I’m Thankful For:

I like to make “Thankful Lists” each year around Thanksgiving. A Thankful List is a reflection on the year and resembles a Gratitude List (but it’s a long-term focused list opposed to the here and now). To create your own, all you have to do is look back at the year and think about what you’re lucky, thankful, and/or astonished to have. 

  • My family and pets making it out of their home before it was enveloped in water this hurricane season and  having a place to stay even months afterwards 
    • All of my friends who had to evacuate are all okay 
    • My dad gave me a place to stay after all of the weirdness the storm brought 
  • Finding/Having a loving, caring significant other who loves me unconditionally 
  • All of the new friends I’ve made and the old ones I’ve kept 
    • Shoutout to Amanda- one of my oldest friends and one I pray that I keep forever 
    • My new coworkers who don’t suck (yay!) 
  • That I’m able to start a savings fund for my car and take a driver’s education class 
    • Opposed to being so financially out-of-wack that I have absolutely no surplus money for this 
  • I graduated from the special college program I was in 
    • (Even though my diploma get wrecked in the flooding) 
    • The opportunity to receive an education 
  • Getting to go to Alaska 
    • I should seriously write a blog post about this 
  • The success of my blog and the followers that I have 
  • My poodle, who’s the sweetest, smartest, cutest puppy in the world 
  • Always having a job and getting full-time hours 
  • My relationship with God and the friends who support it 
    • Also apps that are Christ-centered. I can’t always go to church and these help me have Bible study on my own time, in my own way 
    • The freedom to choose and practice whatever religion I want 
  • Living where I do 
    • Being able to wake up without immediate fear for our lives is a blessing 
    • Freedom of religion and speech 
    • Having access to clean water 
    • Indoor plumbing and air conditioning 
    • Having access to grocery stores 
    • Electricity 
    • Medical help 
    • Being able to vote 
    • Armed forces 
  • My phone, computer, and PS4 
  • Kindness in the world 
    • For example, when a stranger gives me a tip at work because I did a good job or when someone compliments my hair 
    • People willing to teach others out of compassion 
  • Art and creativity 
    • This is a tad broad but art is a huge part of my life, a part of everyone’s lives. I’m particularly thankful for painting, drawing, poetry, literature, and music 
  • Coffee, of course 
    • I bet some of you were wondering when this would appear on the list. 
  • Good books that facilitate an escape from reality 
  • Sunshine, cold weather, cute outfits, shopping, mint gum, new words, grass, apple trees, fireplaces/bonfires, flowers, road trips, nature trails, transportation options, mornings alone, snow, etc. 

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