How to Save Money at the Movie Theater (I Work at One!)

So if any of my readers are on my Snapchat, you’re familiar with my “Movie Theater Chronicles” about crazy guests and other work-related things. Those my be funny, but now I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned about saving cold hard cash at the movie theater. All of the guests who complain about prices–I hope you find this.

About Memberships

Don’t you dare scroll past this because you think you have to spend money. It’s important. I’m about to lay the facts on you. Memberships save you a lot of money continuously in every area of the theater.

If you have a membership but feel like you’re not getting the most out of it, ask for information from an associate or look up your benefits on the theater’s site. Make sure you know which kind of membership you have, because the benefits will be different.

Just because it costs money, doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. At my movie theater, the guests who decide to buy a membership save so much money that sometimes it astonishes me when I ring them up. They definitely get their money back (from purchasing the membership) and save more money on top of that. Also, every once in a while theaters will lower the cost of their memberships. Look out for those.

With paid memberships points add up quicker, so your tickets and concessions run will ensure that you have a points to use towards your next purchase. Saving $16  on a large popcorn and a large drink during your birthday month pay you back for the $15 annual membership. 

There are free memberships (usually) but the paid ones, of course, are always better.


Saving at Concessions

So this is where a lot of people think they do, or actually do, get screwed over. There are a lot of concessional “secrets” but most likely you’re screwing yourself. I mean they’re not really secrets, they’re just common things people are too dumb to realize. Let me enlighten you.

First of all, the people with paid memberships rock concessions. At my theater we have regular and large sizes, but people with paid memberships get the large sizes for the price of the regulars. (If you get a large popcorn and soda it’ll be about $14 instead of $16). A lot of people get annoyed at associates for trying to pitch memberships, but it’ll honestly help you, especially if you have a big family you always bring to the theater.

Use your brain. A lot of people spend money like it’s nothing at concessions, putting no thought into their monetary goals for the night, and then get annoyed at the price. Most of money saving is common sense.

  • Instead of getting 2 regular popcorn bags ($7 each, $14) get one large tub ($8) and split it. There’s a dollar difference in the sizes and you can get a free box to share it in, saving you $6 for not being selfish and dumb.
  • Look at the combos. I usually put combos in for people to save them money, (when I don’t have to) but I don’t always remember. Actually look at the menu before you order and see what’s the best option for you. For example, curly fries are $6 and chicken tenders are $8 for a total of $14, but you can get that and a cookie as a combo for the same price–you have to say that’s what you want, though.
  • With a premiere membership you get free popcorn refills, so you can get a free sharing box to fill up and then fill your tub back up. That’s 2 larges for $8. That’s half the price of what you paid to get your membership! 

Members get free birthday stuff. Just sign up. Where I work it’s a free large popcorn for free-membership members and a free large popcorn and a free large drink for paid-membership members. That saves you $8 or $16 depending on which membership you have. Saving $16 during your birthday month pay you back for the $15 annual membership. 

Realize that your eyes are way bigger than your stomach. I’ve cleaned theaters back in the day (like 3 months ago lol) and 10 times out of 10 there’s half-eaten food that I KNOW they complained about paying for. You’re at the movies- you don’t need a 5-course meal. It’s cheaper to go out to dinner beforehand: hello, “dinner and a movie” not “dinner at the movies”. 

Saving on Tickets

So here there aren’t as many common sense things. For tickets you have to be aware of deals and dates, etc.

So at AMC during the month of October there are $5 ticket Tuesdays (+ tax) for members. The date, price, and who can get them is important, so don’t get mad at the person in the box office because you didn’t read the sign. Regardless of the month, paid membership holders receive up to $5 off of tickets on Tuesdays and free membership holders get up to $2 off.

Know about discounts and ask for them before your payment goes through. At the theater I work at there’s military, student, and senior citizen discounts, but even though they’re advertised I don’t think many people know about them. I’m pretty sure they can only be given at the box office (not online or at the kiosks) and you must have an ID for military and students. Also, who’s considered a child in your group? Tickets are way cheaper for children, so don’t select 5 adults when there’s 2 adults and 3 children.

You can easily bring your ticket prices down if you look into your options. I’ll use myself as an example (if I didn’t get free movie tickets). I’m a student and I have a paid membership.

  • The ticket is originally $11
  • I have my student ID so it goes down to $9
  • I use my membership card and I get points, and maybe I have enough to use. Let’s say I do for example’s sake
    • Membership points are given in $5 increments, so lets say I have 5,000 pts. or $5 and I use it
  • My ticket goes down to $4

$4 VS $11. Need I say more?

Don’t Be a Dick

As a closing, I want people to realize that prices, deals, movies that are being shown, etc. are not associates or even managers faults. These things are decided at the head of the entire company and we get told what to do by them. Just because we’re wearing a uniform and working where you decided to spend your evening doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. I also feel inclined to help people who are nice to me and tell them how they can spend less money and make combos in the system for them when they’re unaware of them. Honestly, I have 0 problem screwing over people who aren’t nice, and I know others feel the same !

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