Easter: Root Yourself in What you Believe in

Sometimes the lifestyle of the 21st century consumes us and we don’t think about holidays such as Christmas and Easter where we’re supposed to celebrate Jesus opposed to material possession and sales. 

How can someone defy and go against the very nature of their society? Easily, with roots in what you believe in. With acceptance and comfort in going against normative conformity. 

Whether you’re flamboyant about Easter or modest, here are some ways to keep Christ’s sacrifice in the holiday. 

Of Course, Attend a Church Service 

There are all types of churches with all kinds of schedules, so you can find something that fits with what everybody wants. Maybe you have to reach out of your comfort zone and attend a church you’re not used to, but churches are used to having new people in their service on holidays. It’s normal! I don’t think Jesus was all too comfortable on the cross, but he did that anyways… Just sayin’. 

There are beautiful candlelight services, normal morning services, etc. 

Here’s a photo of a Christmas Eve Candlelight service at Anchorage Moravian Church, and it’s the same principle. 


Take A Break 

Don’t think about what’s bothering you. Don’t busy yourself with other tasks. Stop studying for a minute. Enjoy the holiday. 

It may be easier said than done for some people, but just try. Recruit some family/friends to help you out and see that you relax. 

Taking a break from life will help you do the next… 

Engage in Reflection 

Think about these… 

  1. Why are you celebrating this holiday? 
  2. What exactly did Jesus do for you? 
  3. How can you honor that sacrifice? 

Don’t know how to reflect?

  • Pray
    • Pray for the Christians who are harmed and harassed for their religion 
    • Pray for thanks 
    • Just say “thank you” 
  • Look up Easter Bible quotes 
  • Read your Bible
  • Go over old Bible Study notes
  • Read a heart-felt post/passage about Easter 
  • Talk about the holiday and why it’s important 
  • Make a Facebook post about Christ’s sacrifice 
  • Meditate on a Bible verse 

Bask in Easter’s Holiness 

If you sit back and allow yourself to feel, you’ll be amazed at how full your heart feels. This is a Holy day marked by love and sacrifice. Reflect on that. Appreciate that. 


No. REALLY pray. Say what you feel and let loose. He knows what you’re thinking anyways, and there’s something very cathartic and ethereal about saying what’s in your heart out loud. 

I know what it feels like to be a Christian in a household that doesn’t believe in Him, or even God. It’s weird feeling, but don’t conform to fit in. Root yourself in your beliefs and be unapologetic for reveling in this holiday. This isn’t about how other people don’t want you to be or don’t understand why you’re a Christian. It’s about Jesus and His sacrifice for all of us. 

Happy Easter! 


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