Day 7: Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP Kids)

Mission Statement: “To help any child in need who is living with hair loss due to all forms of Alopecia.”


About Children’s Alopecia Project

Alopecia is an incurable autoimmune disease that is not life threatening, but is life altering. It is almost like your body is allergic to hair, which causes it to fall out. People with alopecia usually get teased, made fun of, laughed at and ignored. Emotionally, it could be devastating. CAP is here to build self-esteem, provide support and raise awareness.

Fun Fact

CAP is the only federally tax exempt 501(c 3 Non-Profit Charity devoted specifically to children living with Alopecia.

How You Can Help

Participate in events such as Cap Kids 5K

By donating, you have the chance to help get kids to CAP’s regional camps and their annual international camp, Alopeciapalooza! Every time they raise $250, a child with alopecia gets to camp!

All of my information came from the CAP website.


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