Day 6: Gilligan’s Rescue

Mission Statement: “Gilligan’s Rescue is in the business of promoting the German Shepherd Breed. We hope to insure the future of this wonderful breed by implementing rescue programs and by educating the public about the German Shepherd Breed. Gilligan’s Rescue is dedicated to saving German Shepherds by rescuing, rehabilitating and placing these canines in loving, forever homes.

Gilligan’s Rescue is a no kill, volunteer rescue organization serving Southeast Texas. Gilligan’s Rescue will implement an in-depth adoption process, which would include education for potential adopters about the responsibilities and costs associated with dog ownership. Through this application process, we hope to place canines in responsible, loving, committed forever homes. As Gilligan’s Rescue is a volunteer, foster based rescue, dependent on donations received from the general public, we simply can not take in an unlimited number of dogs in need. However, through the use of foster homes working closely with the rescue, we hope to provide help to as many canines as possible, with special needs canines as our first priority.”


(Look at this happy Pup, oh my gosh!)

About Gilligan’s Rescue

Gilligan’s Rescue was recently founded by a husband and wife who love German Shepherds. The goal of this organization is to rescue lost, abused, and/or homeless German Shepherds and to help them find nice homes. The name “Gilligan” comes from Felicia’s past male German Shepherds, whom were all named Gilligan!


They, too, have a WordPress Blog!

How You Can Help

You can adopt a German Shepard (Click and scroll to the bottom of the page)

Foster a German Shepard

Donate to their GoFundMe (Click and scroll down)

Donate to their vet (Click and scroll down)

Attend an event if you live in the area (Check their blog)

I received all of my information from the Gilligan’s Rescue website.


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