Day 1: Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals

Mission Statement: “To help people through beneficial contacts with companion, therapy animals and deliver quality animal-assisted activity and therapy programs, to unite people who have mental and physical disabilities and patients in healthcare facilities with professionally trained animals to help improve their health and to promote education as well as encouraging a responsible relationship between people and pets.”



About Paws 4 Love

Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love is a branch of Pets Helping People, which is based out of Huntsville, Texas. Pets Helping People participates in a variety of activities, and even offer Puppy Classes for a relatively inexpensive amount of money (4 classes for $50) I’d say that’s worth the small investment. The volunteers at Paws 4 Love visit hospitals, schools, and many other places to bring joy and furry affection to people.

Helping Paws

You can read about their pets on their website.


How You Can Help

You can donate, and/or volunteer with or without an animal.

Donation Page

Volunteering Page

All of my information was found on the Paws 4 Love website.

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