The Lineup and About The “10 Days, 10 Charities” Series

10 Days, 10 Charities is my blogging series in which readers from all over the country submitted requests to have their favorite charity represented in their own post, written by me. 

Each post will contain: 

  • An image of action 
  • Their mission statement
  • About them 
  • How you can help 
  • Their donation page 

It’s 10 days long because I don’t want my readers to get overwhelmed, but there will be more in the future. 

This is your chance to read about and reach out to lesser-known charities/nonprofits. 

The Lineup 

  1. Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals 
  2. Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response 
  3. The American Red Cross 
  4. DEBRA of America 
  5. United Way 
  6. Gilligan’s Rescue 
  7. Children’s Alopecia Project 
  8. NKH Crusaders 
  9. Fisher House 
  10. National CASA Association  

Thank you to everybody who submitted their ideas! 

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