A Guide on How I Chose the Right College for Me (And How You Can Too)

Deciding what college to go to is a very hard decision. In this post I shared the method I used to choose colleges to apply to. This should take some stress off of your shoulders!

A summary of what I looked for when finding a college is basically:

  • Has good professors
  • Has enclosed dorms or apartments on campus
  • Is in my state (because out of state tuition)
  • Has on campus jobs or jobs really close to the school
  • It’s a school that I can pay for and have money for necessities
  • Has a good program for my major
  • Close to my finance
Quick Tip: Think about what your dream college is, and make a list. Keep this list next to you on your hunt for colleges.

Think about important things involving your financial situation

  1. Can I get a job near (or at) my school?
  2. Have you applied for financial aid yet? You can apply for the 2017-2018 year beginning October, 2016 and you can use your 2015 tax information. FAFSA Link
  3. Does the school you’re looking into give scholarships? Can/Will you apply for them?
  4. How much does it cost per semester and per year? Do you make more than that amount?
  5. Will you have to take out loans? Is it took much? Will it screw you over?
  6. Will you be in debt if you go to this school even with scholarships? If so- choose another!

Quick Tip: Take the Unigo College Match Test

I ended up choosing my school based off of my financial situation. I already have a foot in the door with the department, and they pretty much told me that if I applied for research grants, I would get them. It seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

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