Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I have a fan account for Star Wars, so I was seeing all of the reactions of fans watching Rogue One. People were saying that it was their new all time favorite Star Wars movie, or it bumped one out of second place. I was thinking, “Nah… This is a new movie… There’s no way.” I thought, “The Force Awakens wasn’t the best, so this one probably won’t be either.” I was WRONG. The way that the movie tied in perfectly to the trilogy gave the movies a new, better meaning to me.

The fact that so many people died for the plans to go through, because they knew how important it was, was stunning to me. I had no clue based on the trilogy. Like the very last Royal Guard who knew he was going to die passed the plans on, the way that Jyn and Cassian just accepted their fate, how the volunteers did their duty even though they knew their fate as well. It was stunning.

All of the “Easter Eggs” and cameos were awesome. I got excited every single time. Did you notice the pair from Mos Eisley in A New Hope featured in Jedha? Bail Organa saying he had to go back to Alderaan? Darth Vader’s hide out was on Mustafar. Even R2-D2 and The “Golden Rod” were featured.

Darth Vader’s portrayal oh my gosh, when he was going right through the Royal Guards at the end… He slammed one guy against the ceiling… It was insane. And OH MY GOSH when Director Krennic went to visit Darth Vader and Vader force choked him and said, “Careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.” I laughed out loud.

The movie really hit me on an emotional level. I guess since I’ve seen the movies so many times, I loved how this connected the 2 trilogies. Honestly, I’ve always wondered what exactly happened to obtain the Death Star plans Mon Mothma spoke of in A New Hope, and what Darth Vader was up to in between the trilogies. I always sensed a story and I’m so glad that they expanded on it.

I think that this movie might take Return of the Jedi’s spot of second place on my list of favorites. I’ll have to see it again, but I’m not sure.

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