Scentsy Review

For my birthday, my local Scentsy Consultant let me pick 4 Scentsy products I wanted. I chose a Scentsy Buddy with a peppermint scent pouch, a wax warmer, and 2 wax packs. I also purchased (separately) a bottle of essential oil for my little sister’s allergies. And then some more wax because I liked it so much.

Overall, I loved everything. The oils help my sister’s allergies, the wax warmer works well, and I love sleeping with a stuffed animal that smells like peppermint. My dorm smells horrible on it’s own, but with Scentsy it smells like berries and peppermint.

Out of the wax, I’ve had Lemons and Berries, French Lavender, Whiteout, and Marshmallow Mint. Marshmallow Mint is hands down my favorite.

April also let my mother borrow her Songbird wax warmer, as well as some Blueberry Cheesecake wax which I LOVED SO MUCH. I almost snatched it from her before I left for college again!

My Scentsy Buddy is super cute (I have Pari) and smells AWESOME. I literally bury my nose into her to let my senses get taken over my peppermint. I ended up buying peppermint scented wax (Whiteout) because I loved how she smelled so much.

I get migraines frequently, and they are easily triggered by smells, but Scentsy products did not trigger any distress in my body.

I don’t regret buying these and I will again!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to say these things. I received Scentsy products as a birthday gift.

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