Finals Cramming 101

You: “Sh*t. My final is in days. What the heck do I do,  Jaedyn?!”

Me: “I gotchu fam.”

We’ve all been here: 6bhskvo

Go to Tutoring

My school offers “free” (It’s a $20 fee in your tuition) tutoring appointments and walk-ins. The tutors have to have already taken the class and gotten at least a B in the class they are tutoring in. So many students don’t utilize this great opportunity.

If you school doesn’t offer tutoring, find one online via Facebook or your school’s Yik Yak. See if people will do it for free, but don’t be afraid to pay for some extra help.

Ask Your Prof. What It’ll Be Like

I went to office hours and specifically asked what will be on the final. I got way more information than I could have hoped for. It was honestly pretty daunting to talk to him, but I am really glad that I did.

Go Over Old Tests or Assignments

Do the problems over and over until you really understand how to do them. Bring them to tutoring and/or office hours if you cannot figure them out. You need to know how to do them and you’ll feel so much more confident after getting help.

Sleep Before the Test

I have pretty bad insomnia when I get stressed out, like during finals week, but I have a secret weapon. At CVS, there are CVS brand natural, non-habit forming sleep aids that taste like cherry and they’re great. They don’t make me groggy at all, but help me to sleep. I’m saving my last one for before the test.

Library Books

I’ve noticed during my time in college that library books on class topics really come in handy. It turns out that there are a ton of how-to books at my school’s library, and they saved my butt last semester. If you don’t know how to find a book, as the reference librarians or the IT Desk so they can look it up for you or bring you to it.

Game Night Study Group

Get your most serious and scared classmates together and have a game night based on questions that’ll be on your final. For example; if you’re all studying for chemistry, divide into 2 teams, and race to see who can draw the correct lewis structure first. If you’re in calculus, see who can solve the problem fastest. Have the winner explain how they did it and let group members ask questions.

“Teach” Your Siblings or Friends

Whatever you have difficulty explain, or whatever you doubt yourself on, is what you need to study. You may think you know something, but until you can explain it, 99% of the time you don’t understand it. Take them step-by-step through problems and explain concepts to them.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

You NEED to take breaks. I call them “brain breaks” because, it’s true, your brain can get overwhelmed with information. I set a timer for 20 minutes and do as much work as possible, and then take a 5 minute “brain break”. Once I’ve studied for an hour, I take a 10 minute break.

You CANNOT Look at your Phone while Studying

Being distracted by anything while you’re studying disrupts your connection making process and your short term to long term memory transferring process. Put it on “do not disturb”. Put it on airplane mode. Shut it off. Give it to somebody else. I make sure it is on silent and out of my sight, because if I see it, I’ll get distracted and want to play on it.

Research Mnemonic Strategies for your Topic

Mnemonic strategies are memory tools for learning. The human mind can remember 7+/- bits of information at once, so “chunking” (grouping) information together in the form of mnemonics really helps. d8991a2acd6c2ad52379514079167d4f

You can also make acronyms:


Ask Friends who are Familiar with the Information

If you have a friend that takes your professor at a different time and is done, ask her for help. If you have a friend who has taken the class, ask her for her notes or advice or questions.

Take Your Time

Read slowly. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself extra time for things you really need to work on.


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