You are 2 Lists Away from a Comfortable Room

Most people enjoy spending alone time in their room, so why not make your room a getaway that is comfy, warm, and has all of your favorite things? I used 2 lists to brainstorm and make my room the best it could be.

The first step is making a list of things that you like in general, and that bring you comfort. Brainstorm ways to incorporate these things into your room.

Some are obvious; I love stuffed animals and they comfort me, so I should keep a lot of stuffed animals in my room.

Here’s a list of things I like:

  • Animals
  • Art
  • Light
  • Plants
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Cleanliness

The second list is for things that you generally dislike that make you uncomfortable. For example, I hate sleeping in the dark, so I have Christmas lights to make me more comfortable without affecting my sleep.

Here’s a list of things I don’t like:

  • Dark
  • Sleeping alone
  • Mess
  • Having too much in my room
  • A hard mattress
  • An un-homelike feeling
  • Bare walls

Looking at these two lists, I had to counteract the bad things and incorporate the good things. My final list of things to do in my room was this:

  • Bring more stuffed animals from my mom’s house and put them around my dorm
  • Hang drawings, paintings, and posters on the walls
  • String enough Christmas lights around my room so that it’s not too bright, but has enough light to make me feel better
  • Put extra pillows and blankets on my bed and couch
  • Buy a few plants to put on my windowsill
  • Bring home things I don’t use to reduce clutter
  • Move my furniture to create an atmosphere I liked better
  • My boyfriend got me a HUGE teddy bear, and I cuddle it at night

Let me know if you used Jaedyn’s 2 Lists Method to make your room better to be in!

Xoxo Jaedyn

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