3 Ways to Detach Yourself from Coffee and Drink it Less Frequently

Hello, my name is Jaedyn and I am addicted to coffee- but  I am currently on the track to be coffee-free! I know this is a huge problem in college, so I’m sharing with you my way to kick the habit once and for all.

My Recommended Method:

  1. Replace the caffeine with something else such as “Awake” Caffeinated Milk Chocolate. This allows you to get your caffeine from somewhere else and in smaller doses. To be honest, when I started to write this I noticed I was tired and took out my bar I’ve been saving. After 1 and a half squares, I’m more awake (and for less money than coffee)! I get mine for $2 a bar at my campus’ bookstore. 1104-awake-caffeinated-chocolate-02
  2. You could also drink tea instead of coffee- but make sure it’s caffeinated, and don’t add too much sugar! This photo from my Snapchat story features Private Selection’s “Peppermint Herbal Tea”
  3. Go from a ‘venti’ to a ‘grande’ to a ‘tall’ to a ‘short’ over the course of 4 weeks. Doing this will slowly get your body used to drinking less and less coffee a day. 

I DO NOT reccomended going “cold turkey”. I tried this as one of my first attempts to quit and it triggered my chronic migraines and I had to take so much ibuprofen! Plus- it made me super cranky.

This is not a affiliated or sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything about the products mentioned.

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