No Job in the Summer, but I’m Making Bank. How?

I’s simple- online.

Wait, wait, don’t exit. This post isn’t sponsored, and it isn’t a scam. I actively use everything I’m about to recommend and I extensively researched all of them before I used them. I’m 16 and paying for college by myself (and don’t have a car), so I need to be SUPER creative when it comes to making cash. I get paid via PayPal (direct deposit) and not in gift cards (I hate the gift card thing tbh). Couch + phone >>>>> Uniform + burgers. I’m going to explain what each one is and what I do to earn money on each of them.

  1. My main income in the summer is writing for Odyssey. (Click for my posts)!Whenever my article is the most shared in my geo-community for a week, I make $20. If you’re interested in writing or photographing for them, make sure to contact me! I am a community recruiter and we are actively looking to hire people! Please don’t be afraid to reach out!
  2. Slice the Pie is a music reviewing website/app. I get paid 6 cents per song I review, but I only have to listen to 1:30 of the song, so it’s neither time-consuming, nor agonizing. Plus, I get to hear the newest music for free! I think it’s a really good way to make money in your spare time, especially if you’re dedicated. I made $10 by doing a handful of reviews a day, without leaving my couch. It’s pretty sweet to me. (Plus, your friends or siblings may do some for you- it’s really fun!) Also, it’s not as frequent, but sometimes I get to review phone cases and I get paid more. Use my referral link to sign up!
  3. Swagbucks is a well known site to make money. I do surveys and watch “Swagbucks TV”. I make the most money off of doing surveys, and I have the most luck finding surveys via Swagbucks opposed to other sites like Inbox Dollars. Swagbucks also rewards you 1 cent for any survey you attempt but don’t qualify for, which adds up pretty quickly. Swagbucks TV pays you 2 cents for every 5 movie trailers you watch, so I keep it playing while I play video games until I make 10 cents and quit. I also use the Discover page and “discover content” for cash. All I do is go to a website through Swagbucks and (for example) look through a site’s slideshow on health. Also, one time I searched through Swagbucks and made 9 cents for one search! Use my referral link to sign up!
  4. Lastly (and for a good reason) Inbox Dollars. I say lastly for a good reason, because I barely make anything with them. I don’t qualify for many surveys, and most surveys (even if they’re really long) only give you 25 cents, where at Swagbucks you can make up to, like, I’ve seen 4 dollars for a short survey if you qualify. Inbox Dollars does reward you for attempting surveys, but they give you a “spin” on their wheel and you can win cash, but I never do. I earn “sweeps” which can be used to enter money sweepstakes through Inbox Dollars, but I never win those either. I used to be able to watch videos and test mini-games for cash, but for some reason I can’t anymore. You can also complete company offers, but they take forever to come in (I never even got mine). The good thing that I do like about Inbox Dollars is that you can watch Inbox Dollars TV while you’re doing other things and make money. I write articles and run Inbox Dollars TV in the background, checking to make sure it’s still running every once in a while. You can also search through their website and earn money if they think you’re searching naturally. That’s what I use Inbox Dollars for now, and I try surveys every once in a while. Sign up using my referral link!

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