Chronic Migraines: How to Treat them

I’ve been wanting to make a blog post about this since I’ve started blogging, but I wanted to make sure that I had a great list full of different options and explanations before I did. Due to my chronic migraines coming back in full swing since the small break they gave me, that list has been made. My migraines really limit my daily life and impact the amount of things I can do in a day. I separated everything into two sections; triggers and general help. I hope they help!


Lack of caffeine (So I drink coffee)


Sleeping on my neck funny (I’m still trying with this one, but so far, sleeping on 2 slightly stiff pillows helps. [I usually sleep on 1 fluffy pillow with zero neck support.] )


Bright lights (I turn down the brightness on all screens that I may be using, or avoid screens in general. Natural sunlight > overhead lights. Open the blinds instead of turning on the light.)


Not eating as much as I should (Sometimes I need to be prompted to eat [I just forget] and my body does that by giving me a migraine.)


Not drinking enough water (Dehydration can and will do so much damage to your body. Drink. Water.)


Not going outside for long amounts of time (I noticed that when I coop myself up in the house, I get more migraines. I fix this by taking walks or bringing my siblings to the park for a little while.)


Loud noises (I turn my ringer off, tell everyone to please be a little quieter, and avoid watching videos.)


Processed foods. (Too much of these snacks trigger major migraines for me, so naturally, avoiding them helps me out.)


Things That Help in General:

A hot or cold towel on your head (It’s just based on your preference, they do the same thing.)


Turning on the fan and making sure it’s aimed at my head, but keeping my body warm. (This is my version of the “put your feet and hands in warm water and put frozen peas on your head” thing, I guess. For those of you who think I’m crazy for saying that, it’s because the heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some or all of your headache.)      


Scalp massages (If I have a bad migraine I’ll pay my little sister to literally just, like, scratch-ish my scalp and it helps so much. I’ll let the GIF explain.)


Sleeping (I sleep until it feels better if I have the time.)


Take a hot shower, and put your head right in the line of the water. (This also acts like a scalp massage, and a hot towel. Sort of. I like the pressure of the water on my head.)


Neck stretches (Like I said, I sleep really weird, and it hurts my neck. When my neck pain won’t go away and I have a headache, I do a ton of stretches and focus on my neck.)


When all else fails- 3 normal sized (200 mg) Advil usually work for me. I usually take them when I feel a headache coming on, or before I do any of these other things. If it’s super bad, I take a migraine pill from Excedrin or Advil.


I hoped these unique ideas helped. Feel free to tell me in the comments!

xoxo Jaedyn

(P.S. No photos in this post are mine.)

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