How to Clean up your Pinterest

My Pinterest gets crazy unorganized sometimes. I’ll have 3 boards for the same thing, boards with, like, 1 pin on them, and I’ll follow a bunch of inactive accounts. For the times when I sit back, take in the hot mess, and fix it- this is what I do.

  1. Delete boards with 1-10 pins. Usually when your board has this many it means you don’t use it. If you don’t want to dispose of the pins, just the board, see if the pins fit into any other board that you currently have. Screenshot (5)
  2. Move pins to other (more relevant) boards. Pinterest has a new feature where you can move pins from one board to another board! It’s super helpful for when you (accidentally) have two boards about the same thing.Screenshot (4)
  3. Unfollow people who don’t post. I followed, like, 50 people from middle school that never posted anything on Pinterest. I like not following more people than I have followers! Screenshot (3)
  4. Unfollow inactive boards. This is the same thing as #3. If somebody doesn’t use a board anymore, it has no use to use. Use your follow on a more relevant board that will actively give you new information! unfollow-Pinterest-board
  5. Update your profile photo. One way to give an old account a new feel is to update your photo, so go take a selfie!
  6. Update your bio. Nobody wants to see “Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Shelly… I like pinning, so like, yeah, follow me!” Use your bio to tell fellow pinners what you pin about, and to promote your blog or business. Screenshot (7)
  7. Put your website in your bio. This is a great chance to promote traffic to your blog! You can also use this space for articles you’ve written, a cause you support, or even for your social media. Screenshot (6)
  8. Delete boards you don’t care about anymore. It’s summer 2016, you can delete the summer 2014 board already, or at least change the name to “Summer” and combine them. Screenshot (2)

I hope this helped you get at least a little more organized! All of the photos are mine, from my Pinterest account. If you want to follow me, my username is thejadylady!

xoxo Jaedyn

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