What Crystal is Right for Your Pet?

If you love crystals, you’ve probably thought about which ones could help your pet. Here at Just Giada Co., we made a line called “Crystal Collar Cages” full of dog and cat safe and supportive crystals. If they can help us, why can’t they help our pets? Did you know that animals also have chakra systems?

If you’re ready and just want to pick, go to my shop at shop.justgiada.com! There are shorter descriptions there.

Hint: This list is in alphabetical order


Key Points

third eye chakra
soothes anxiety
good for empaths

If your pet struggles with anxiety, if they are a service animal, and/or is hyperactive they could benefit from an amethyst crystal. Amethyst has calming, soothing properties and is great for empathetic animals like service dogs/cats.

Our Amethyst Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $14.44 and the Amethyst Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage is currently on sale for $5.55.


Key Points

stabilizes and cleanses all chakras (mostly root)
encourages courage and success
aids with the reproductive system
aids with nausea, indigestion, and cramps
aids with teeth and gums

If your pet has health problems, black agate may be best for them. Not only does it soothe several ailments, but also gives them courage to battle their illness.

Our Black Agate Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

🌌 throat chakra
🌌 courage
🌌 astral travel
🌌 good luck
🌌 man-made stone created using quartz sand and infused with chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, or copper

So because Blue Sandstone is a man-made crystal and doesn’t have uses for pets, I mainly sell this for aesthetic purposes.

Our Blue Sandstone Sphere Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22 and with a matching “when it’s dark look for stars” charm it is $15.55.


Key Points

heart chakra
encourages action & drive
emits high vibrations
aids with personal power

I suggest cherry quartz for any pet who struggles with giving or receiving love, or has depression or anxiety.

Our Sphere Cherry Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

heart chakra
called the “anti-stress stone”
aids meditation (cats meditate!)

India Agate is good for pets with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and general healing. This is actually the cage I have on my dog’s collar! She’s been a much better listener and barks less.

Our Sphere India Agate Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Lapis Lazuli

Key Points

throat chakra
‘the stone of queens’
speak your truth
dispel negative thoughts

This is another crystal that can help with anxiety. Being a throat chakra crystal, it will also help your pet communicate more effectively with you instead of just barking/meowing excessively.

Our Sphere Lapis Lazuli Crystal Collar Cage is $15.55 and our Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Cage (S) is $5.55.

Rose Quartz

Key Points

heart chakra
unconditional love
all love, including self-love
soothes and brings happiness

Rose Quartz is great for pets who have a hard time giving or receiving love. Think past strays and rescues, especially if they were abused. This also helps shy pets open up and helps facilitate a bond.

Our Sphere Rose Quartz Crystal Collar Cage is $13.33.

Tiger’s Eye

Key Points

solar plexus and root chakra
good luck
focus and mental clarity
fear and anxiety

Tiger’s Eye is great for pets who lack focus and are anxious. Also, why wouldn’t you put “tiger’s eye” on your cat?

Our Sphere Tiger’s Eye Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.


Key Points

persistence & patience
unconditional love & protection
pregnancy & birth

Unakite is another stone, like rose quartz, that helps previously unloved pets be receptive to love. Unakite will also aid pregnant and birthing mother pets!

Our Sphere Unakite Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Yellow Jade

Key Points

solar plexus chakra

Yellow Jade helps shy, skiddish pets gain confidence and feel more secure with themselves.

Our Sphere Yellow Jade Crystal Collar Cage is $12.22.

Should You Get a Sphere or Tumbled Crystal Collar Cage?

Spheres emit even energy from all sides and are more expensive because they’ve been shaped and polished.
Tumbled stones have gentle, even energy and are less expensive than spheres.
Which one is best for your pet?

Ready to pick? Head over to shop.justgiada.com to get a Crystal Collar Cage today!


Facing 21

I turn 21 years old in a handful of days. I’ve been dreaming about it almost every night and thinking about it every day. Coincided? A little. I am a Leo for crying out loud. But honestly, it’s mostly worry… or amazement. On one hand, I’m worried about what the future of the beginning of major adulthood looks like, but I’m also happy I’ve made it this far and can’t believe I’m actually 21 years old.

Within 6 months I’ll be 21, have a degree, move— at least. I’m going to be a young professional, like I’ve always wanted, but now that I’m staring at it in the face, I’m intimidated. I have a lot of changes to make. I’m thinking the intimidation comes from not feeling “fully” adult, whatever that means. I still have roommates, I still break out, my car is smashed, I have a semester of college left… I think the idea of an adult (at least in my head) has been made out to be this perfect, young professional woman when that may not be the truth. Because of that, it feels unobtainable at the moment.

I’ve been slowly realizing that I lost who I am and everything that makes me, me since becoming legal. I’ve been reading The Audacity to be Queen by Gina DeVee and it’s the kick I needed for inspiration. Books are really inspirational and open up my creativity, especially biographies and self-help books. Since I turned 18 I’ve lost my sense of independence, drive, passion, and confidence. The problem on top of that is, those are some of my core personality traits. I’m a Queen who takes 7 college classes at 16 years old while paying for it, working, and doing extra curriculars. Where did I go?

One thing that I want to do to prepare for my entry into deep adulthood (who can tell me I’m not an adult now?) is revamp my wardrobe. It may sound pretentious, but I think I have too many t-shirts for someone who is about to enter the professional workforce. I’ve been collecting professional button downs from my grandmother over the years, but I don’t have pants/shoes/causal shirts to wear. My first addition is a pair of leopard print mules from Target and I loveeee them. Maybe I’ll make a thread on my new threads.

I don’t know where to add this, but 21 is also scary to me because people that I admire die around this age. I definitely don’t have the same lifestyle as them, but watching people you admire die around the age you’re about to be is bone-chilling.

Thanks for listening to me vent, Giada

Astrological Thumbprints

‘Astrological Thumbprints’ is the term I coined to describe a person’s unique, personal sky map. By using your date, location, and exact time of birth I am able to pull your natal chart and carefully create an interpretation for you! By filling out the form below and making a payment for which interpretation you want, I will get the notifications and let you know via email that I received them and about how long your wait time will be. Thank you for considering an Astrological Thumbprint and I look forward to teaching you about yourself!

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Interested? Here’s the contact form and pricing: click me!

I’m going to start using my blog as an information and marketing platform for Astrological Thumbprints, on top of my usual posting. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via my ‘Business Inquires’ tab on the homepage.

Thanks for reading! Giada

Fighting Health Panic

Health concerns are very scary. I would argue that they’re even scarier, or at least harder to cope with, when you have panic disorder.

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Facing Anxiety-Driven Procrastination

It’s like I know what to do but I just can’t do it. It reminds me of Kylo Ren in Star Wars. tenor.gif

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New (For Me) Things I’m Trying for Anxiety

In my journey with crippling anxiety, I feel like I’ve seen it all; every tip, every trick. I refuse to mislead my readers by saying these are “new” techniques, but they are things that I haven’t taken seriously enough.

As cliche as it is, it’s 2020 and I’m sick of having this dark cloud and fear attached to me even when I’m supposed to be happy. These will hopefully become habitual for me.

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An Inside Look at My Crystal Collection

I’ve been an avid healing crystal collector for some time now, but I just (relatively) recently starting taking it more seriously. For the past few months, I’ve been seeing my wizard friend Paul who has been checking me for negative energy and suggesting crystals for me.

Right now I have 14 crystals; Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Adventurine, Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Tree Agate, Labradorite, Angelite, Kyanite, and 2 Black Tourmaline. The first 7 are my chakra crystals.

Here’s a look at my happy little crystals (in order from above):

Photo by fotografierende

My First Day Using C25K

I’ve had the C25K app downloaded to my phone for about a week on recommendation from my mom. Just sitting there. Giving me notifications to remind me of how lazy I was being.

I found myself wanting to exercise with nothing else to do today. Wow, a miracle! So, I tapped that app (no pun intended) and got to work. The set up was intervals of 90 seconds walking and 60 seconds jogging.

HATE jogging. Surprisingly enough, those 60 seconds did not drag on like I thought they would. Maybe it was because they were smashed between walking, which I like, kind of like a Premack Principle exercise.

However, it’s still so hot here, and running in 90 degrees failed the vibe check. I’m also out of shape, so it didn’t end up well.

I’m so happy that I started to run. I’m so proud of myself that I got halfway done with my first exercise day on the app. One day soon, maybe tomorrow, I’ll finish the first day. One day soon, I’ll finish all of them!

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom

Chemical Burn in My Eye

The latest fun in my life has been getting a chemical burn in my right eye.

I used a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for my contacts (soaked overnight in my flat case) and in the morning, like normal solution, I dropped some more in the contact and put it in my eye.

WOW–that may be the most pain I’ve ever been in.

My eye immediately shut, burning. I pried open my eye and grabbed the contact. I have no clue where it went; my breath was taken away because of the pain. With blurry vision, I reached for a towel and held it over my poor eye. I tried to scream for my friend to come “save me” but I couldn’t speak.

I wasn’t sure what to do, and I couldn’t see because I was contact and glasses-less. So, I made it back to my dorm and got my glasses and went about my life, albeit in pain.

My first class was torture! It was too bright for my sensitive eye and I was anxious about the damage done to my eye. During the class I decided enough was enough and I e-mailed my next professor and my therapist, telling them I could not come to class because of what happened. After class, I called my eye doctor (who is 2 hours away) and they told me I need to come in as soon as possible to be seen. I had driven 10 hours this past weekend and I really didn’t want to drive 4 more hours in pain to get seen. I found a local eye doctor and they fit me in and took care of me.

Now I have eye drops, steroids, and roll-up sunglasses to put under my glasses. I cannot wear contacts, and my hurt eye is super dilated. BUT– I’m fine. I’m going to be seen again in a day to see how it’s coming along and if I can wear contacts again.

Right now, I’m just uncomfortable and sensitive to light. I have to get blood work done today so I’m probably just going to be grumpy.

For anybody reading this–stay away from any contact solution with hydrogen peroxide in it. It’s dangerous and hurts. 

Photo by Skitterphoto

I’m a Size WHAT?

Over the past year and a half, I’ve gone through a significant bra size change that would’ve rocked 13-year-old me’s world.

Personally, this dilemma started for me when I was a 32C. My bras started getting very tight and my immediate thought was, “Oh it must be because I’m gaining weight. Maybe I’m just a 34 sized band.” So I went to a 34C. For a while that was okay, but once again, they got too tight.

It didn’t even cross my mind at first that I was a D. In my head, D cups were the baseline of huge, pornstar boobs. I had it in my head what I thought D-cups were supposed to look like and decided that there’s no way that could be me. I thought, “I’ve always had small boobs, everyone has told me that, so how the hell could be a D?”

Finally, I broke down after I got tired of red marks and repositioning my bra 50 times a day and went to Victoria’s Secret. (Not an ad.) I tried on a 32D “just to see” and I was shocked when it fit me like a glove.

That was great for a while, but I’m older now and it’s changed again. Recently, my bras started to hurt whenever I would wear them. I’m lucky I’m in college because I can get away with not wearing a bra (#FreeTheNipple), but sadly, sometimes I must wear one. For example at advisor meetings, professor meetings, presentations, a nice dinner, etc. I feel more comfortable wearing a bra than not.

Today I went to go get sized because I couldn’t tell what was wrong. I tried a 34C; way too tight. My 32D’s were way too tight. Walking in the store, I assumed my band size was just wrong, but I’m really glad I got sized because now I really understand what goes into a perfect fit.

Turns out I’m a 32DD. I would never have thought the day would come. And I thought D’s were pornstar boobs. I still don’t have what I picture as DDs, which I guess have to be FFF’s in real life, but I’m so much more comfortable now. And now I don’t have to go meet with my professors in a baggy t-shirt with no bra on.

Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Do a quick search if you don’t believe me. Also, you’re supposed to get a new bra after ~6 months because of the wear and stretching.

Take-Home Message

The best, most summarizing piece of advice I have is to forget all of your preconceived notions about bra sizes. What you think a “D” is might be an “E”. What you think a “36” is might be a “32”. If you’re trying to find the perfect size for you, you need to let go of what you think you need to be. 

Photo by fsHH